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When Ontario, California was founded by two Canadian engineers in the 1880s, they wished for the city to be a well-balanced community with strong ties in the economy, education and religion. Now, over a hundred years later, many of the residents of this member of the 3.5 million person Inland Empire metropolis would say that the city's founders' dream came true. The two engineers revolutionized the area by creating a system of irrigation that allowed the land to become futile for a number of produce. Even today companies like Sunkist Growers and Graber Olives have operations in the region. is here to bring you all of the information you might want to know before moving to this fine city. Its appeal comes from its job opportunities, beautiful real estate and exciting and interesting attractions. For those living in Ontario, the city only forty-seven miles from Los Angeles and thirty-six miles from the coast is the perfect place to be.

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Many people see Ontario as an ideal place to raise a family, and that is reflected in the population numbers. The median age in the city is only 27.6 with 34.4% of the population being under the age of eighteen and only 5.9% over the age of sixty-five. There are a number of industries operating within the city with plenty of lower level positions for those just starting out. Twenty percent of the workforce operates in the manufacturing sector, working for businesses like Maglite producer Mag Instrument. The biggest employers in town are the LA/Ontario International Airport and the United Parcel Service. In recent years, Ontario has moved their economic focus to include the service and warehousing industries.

Those looking to settle in Ontario rather than nearby Los Angeles have a number of reasons to do so. While the cost of living in Los Angeles is a staggering 154 to the national average of 100, Ontario sits at 136. While this is still well above the national average, it is quite good for a city of its size. The average three-bedroom home also goes for around $125,000 less than you would pay for the same home in Los Angeles, going for an average of $375,000 in Ontario.

For those looking to live in Southern California who don't want all of the extra cost and chaos on living in the country's second largest city, Ontario is a wonderful option. It has its own attractions and personality but is still a great place to get a piece of the California dream life.

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