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The Inland Empire is one of the most thriving economies in California. Ontario started as a health resort for the rich when the town began and then expanded when citrus, wine and olive growers discovered the fertility of the land. Later, manufacturing became king in the area and you would see plants making everything from brick strapping systems to food items. Now, Ontario and the rest of the Inland Empire have settled into a very diversified economy with many industries to choose from for anyone looking for work in the area. This short guide should help you see all of the possibilities in the City of Ontario, whether you're experience lies in government or working with a notcher on a factory floor.

The largest employer in Ontario is the LA-Ontario Airport. It employs nearly eight thousand people and does commercial shipping as well as passenger travel. If you're moving anything from cell phones to bite type fittings from the West Coast through to the rest of the country or the world, it's likely those items are going to head through this airport. Another major shipping company, the United Parcel Service, is the second largest employer with 3,500 workers.

Pro & Sons Inc has a large operation in Ontario that employs more than 1,500 people. They operate a series of grocery stores along the West Coast called Ranch Market. Manufacturing was once the big business in Ontario and while that has waned somewhat, they are still home to Mag Instruments, which makes one of the country's most popular flashlights. You will also find many smaller firms in the manufacturing sector making things like heat shrink sleeves or metal products.

The service industry is now the largest in Ontario and represents a number of smaller businesses. This includes the large financial operations of US Merchants Financial Group and CVB Financial Corporation, which employ 1,000 and 700 people respectively. The list of the city's top ten employers is rounded out by the international companies of Marriot Hotels and Toyota.

If you're looking for a rising industry in Ontario, there seems to be more and more going on in the way of local tourism as the years go by. The Citizens Business Bank Arena opened in 2008 and is the largest enclosed structure in the whole of the Inland Empire. It seats eleven thousand people and is not a leading concert venue in the area as well as being home to the Ontario Reign. Ontario has not lost its status as a great place to escape life in the bigger Californian cities. Many people come to shop at Ontario Mills or just to stroll the streets and experience some of the city's nightlife. If you're currently installing instantaneous water heaters but would rather be running your own business, this may be the sector of choice in Ontario.

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