If you're looking for a quality job in any American city than one of the best choices is to work for some branch of government or in health or public services. These are jobs that are always needed and are less affected by recession and usually provide very good pay and benefits. Working in one of these fields also gives you the satisfaction that you are always making a difference in your community. Maybe you're working in the local environmental office and are finding less harmful cooling water treatment chemicals to use throughout the city. Or you could be a doctor saving lives every day. Here are some of the services that you can be a part of in Ontario, California.

Education provides hundreds of jobs for area residents, as there are 25 elementary, 6 middle, and 5 high schools in the public system throughout the city. There are also a number of private schools and two military schools. If you're looking to work in higher education, Ontario is home to nine trade schools and a Christian liberal arts college, Providence Christian College, which opened in 2005. There are also some satellite and Ontario campuses of larger institutions. Instead of working with a tubing cutter in one of the local factories, maybe you could teach your trade at one of these schools.

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One of the city's largest employers is the local government, which provides more than one thousand jobs. There is a five member council that governs the town and includes the mayor and four mayor pro teams. Ontario also has a city manager and deputy city manager, who oversee many of the local services including fire and police. Jobs within government offices range from simple office staff to people who organize the city's sewage disposal or maintain the roads. No matter what training you might have, there is likely a city job that could suit your skills.

If you're not interested in helping the city purchase new septic tank pump trucks but still want to work in one of the communities most important services, you should look into working within the healthcare sector. Kindred Hospital is a 91-bed acute care facility that is part of the much larger Kindred Healthcare System. Also, in nearby Chino, is Chino Valley Medical Center, which has 126 beds.

No matter which sector you choose to work in, working with Ontario's many public services will likely give you a fulfilling and quality career. So, maybe you should apply for that job installing pipeline strainers or as a teaching assistant.

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